IBCT (Intensive Blasting & Coatings Training)

ibct2A purpose built ‘hands on’ Industrial Blasting and Coating Training Course, designed for those looking to gain practical experience of painting and/or blasting.

The course focuses specifically on tanks, vessels and small boxes and can be physically demanding, so a reasonable level of fitness is required.

Course Contents

  • Learn to rig-up your own blasting and spraying equipment and gain a better understanding of the dangers and risks to yourself and others, while working with pressurised equipment.
  • Learn how to clean your blasted area in preparation for painting, followed by how and what to stripe coat and finally the basics of spray painting.
  • This course can be modified to focus either blasting or spraying, or a combination. Please confirm which modules you wish to train with when booking.



Course Level Length of Course Certification Pricing
Level 2 4 Days Wescott Approved certificate Certificate Fee £100 + VAT = £120
Course Fee £900 + VAT = £1080
Total: £1000+ VAT = £1200

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