Project ManagementSupervision

As the Focal Point we assume all front-line management and supervision responsibilities for the safe, efficient execution of all on or offshore work scopes including 3rd party subcontractors.Management of works progress, supervision, working time, and any additional responsibilities which may arise if deemed necessary by the client. The optimum execution of all planned and emergent work scope is our highest priority. Complete daily reporting of the above duties to the Project Manager and all necessary platform specific data in order to comply with the client’s requirements. Lead by example and set all safety expectations and promote all aspects of safety related issues and lessons learnt.

With over 70 years experience of paints and coatings, in both inspection and production, plus proven skills in team management, we are ideally qualified to manage contracts on your behalf.

Working either onshore or offshore, we will keep your contract running smoothly with a combination of expert technical oversight, efficient project management and diplomatic relationship-building with the clients and contractors.

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