Web Netting

Wescott specialise in the installation of efficient working platforms. Over the last few years we have invested in the Web Netting system and used it successfully on a number of offshore Fabric Maintenance campaigns. We have predominantly used this system on the underside of offshore platforms as an alternative to installing large, high loading and costly scaffolds.

Once the net is installed by our rope access technicians, they make the area safe by installing rigging lines so the works can be classed as “in board” meaning no requirement for ERV teams / boats.

Another benefit is the reduced loading to the steelwork it hangs off and increased resilience to high winds, waves and other elements.

Wescott have found these platforms can be installed around 55% faster and cheaper than traditional scaffolding platforms to the same area. The benefit of this is obviously the reduced cost for installing, but also for the reduced time taken offshore and all the associated costs such as safety boats, recovery vessels, overboard working, crew transfers and accommodation.