Rope Access Supervision

Rope Access Supervision

Rope Access Supervision

Using industrial rope access, Wescott Industrial Services Ltd can provide on-site assistance to give safe access and egress to difficult areas of work such as embankments, cuttings, quarries, historic buildings, Oil and Gas Installations, masts and towers where a fall risk is present.

We can provide safe access, full rescue plan and equipment to undertake the recovery of a person from difficult situations.

Our services have covered:

  • Major sporting events
  • Provided safe access to unprotected roofs for surveyors
  • Installation of temporary restraint lines near cliff edges/rooftops


We carry out inspections to a wide range of structures including: Oil & Gas Installations, Wind Turbines,  storage tanks, ventilation or service shafts, tunnels, culverts, chimneys, masts, pylons, dams, bridges and high-rise buildings.

Our inspection service aims to keep disruption to the customer and third parties to a minimum. Rope access can provide a cheaper alternative to cradles, scaffolding and access platforms, especially on short duration inspection work which often comes with limited working hours such as rail possessions, plant isolations and planned shut down periods.

Inspections vary from simple visual to full in-depth tactile examination, detailing corrosion effects, dimensional analysis and condition, through to full Non-Destructive Testing of metallic and reinforced concrete structures.

The competence of our inspection staff is essential to provide peace of mind to our customers that the acquisition of information from the structure is not only relevant but gathered and reported in a standardised manner.

Coating and Fabric Maintenance

Coating and Fabric Maintenance

Our operatives specialise in painting, paint inspection and non destructive testing (NDT) throughout the United Kingdom and Internationally .

Working closely with carefully selected partner companies coupled with the experience and impeccable safety record our operatives are able to offer a first class service safely and consistently to the highest standards.

Together we can provide rope access teams which include highly experienced NACE and ICorr paint inspectors allowing a comprehensive assessment of any structure made quickly, efficiently and most importantly without the need for costly scaffolding.

Our field team are a minimum of ICorr/NACE level 2 and can be supervised by an NACE Level 3 Inspector if required by the client. The following surveys can all be carried out via rope access by highly experienced inspectors.

  • Blasting & Painting
  • Coating, Paint Inspection & Surveys
  • Blasting & Painting Supervision
  • Coatings Failure Analysis
  • Insulation
  • Passive Fire Protection (PFP)
  • Paint Analysis & Environmental Testing

Advancements in industrial paints and more stringent preparation standards have meant that painting has become a much more skilled operation.

It is now common place in many industries for unskilled and unqualified operatives to carry out painting works, in turn leading to poor application and costly coatings failures.

All of our painting operatives are hand picked for ability and experience. Having extensive experience in industrial coating application ensures that the work carried out by Wescott Industrial Services Ltd is of the highest quality and in turn protects the asset being painted.

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“Rope access has become the preferred method of undertaking inspection and maintenance in a variety of different industries.”