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Alternative Access Systems

Accessing elevated and hard to reach areas on an asset that require remediation is critical to the successful execution of scopes within maintenance and project activities.

Wescott have the ability to assess a scope and tailor an access solution for the client to achieve the best possible outcome for safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

This presents a significant advantage for our clients

Our team of highly trained and qualified technicians can maintain your on or off-shore structure by using our innovative suspended decking or web-netting systems. These temporary access systems allow us to work on the structure ensuring we can access and complete works on any scale and in any position, without expensive and time-consuming traditional methods.

Our suspended deck system has multiple applications, and has recently been used on an RLPG Tank at 40m – the first application of its kind in the world. This provided significant safety and cost advantages to the client.

Contractor of the Year Awarded by Santos

The decking system is a temporary working platform ideal for conducting works under jetties and piers, bridges, as well as under spider-decks, heli-decks and other platforms and structures.

Watch an animation of our Suspended Decking in action below.


V-Deck™ Benefits

V-Deckô Benefits
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