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Rope Access

Rope Access

Industrial Rope Access – (IRATA Accredited)

Wescott Industrial Services Ltd are a leading supplier of Industrial Rope Access Services. Offering a wide range of expertise and service for difficult to access areas, specialist installations, inspections, maintenance works and safety advice. Our experienced teams have an expanse of knowledge and skills to ensure projects to be delivered on time and within budget. Specific rope work was utilised to reach areas which may not have been accessible by other means and has been developed in order to maximise rope access methods to reach inaccessible areas within the work environment. Rope access equipment is lightweight and able to be removed in rapid time, which offers greater flexibility and speed, and therefore making rope access a preferred method of access for many difficult sites allowing a variety of task to be undertaken. Each project is given the ‘Safe and Best practice’ approach ensuring all work is carried out to the highest safety standards.

Why Choose Rope Access

  • Cost & Time Effective
  • Access To Hard To Reach Areas
  • No Invasive Access Equipment
  • Unrivalled Safety Record
  • Minimal Impact on Working Environment